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Founded by Dale F. Carsley in 1968 as "Cove-Side Snowmobile", we are one of the very few dealerships owned and operated by the same family for four decades. It's that kind of experience and dedication that makes the difference between being just another dealer or one that makes their business a way of life. Our location on Route 7/11 North is just three miles from exit 157 off I-95, right on the way to the Moosehead Lake area.

By servicing only the brands we sell, we are able to concentrate on maintaining a strong repeat customer base, while welcoming our new customers into the fold. Our factory trained service technicians, well-stocked parts department, and extensive inventory of new units and accessories are all in place to assist you in making the most of your recreation time. Cove-Side Wheel & Ski began as "Cove-Side Snowmobile - Sales & Service." Founded by Dale F.Carsley, Cove-Side entered the then-booming snowmobile market offering Fox-Trac snowmobiles, Fox mini-bikes, Fox go-karts and also Polaris snowmobiles. Our first shipment included three Fox-Trac snowmobiles, three Polaris snowmobiles, and two Fox go-karts.

Fall dealer shows were a popular fundraiser for many civic organizations. This one sponsored by the Grange in North Dexter, Maine was always well attended. Our display included a number of our first Skiroula snowmobiles and a 1970 Fox-Trac Spoiler 399.

The new home of Cove-Side, built in the summer of 1972. The addition of Sno-Jet and Skiroule required more room than was available in the garage attached to our house. While the facility would remain much the same until 1984, the changes in the snowmobile business were many. Skiroule would cease production and Sno-Jet was purchased by Kawasaki in 1976. In order to remain competitive in the market, Cove-Side had to change with the times.

Ski-Doo was added in the summer of 1976 and we would remain a Ski-Doo dealer through 1988. Kawasaki ceased snowmobile production after the 1982 season, much to our disappointment. We would continue to sell non-current Kawasaki models purchased from other dealers in the winter of 1983 and Ski-Doo had an all-new line up coming out for the winter of 1984, so it was business as usual. As it turns out, many more changes were on the way. The ATV market was in one of its major growth periods in the mid-1980's. In response to this, Cove-Side acquired the Polaris franchise in the fall of 1984. Anticipation was running high prior to the introduction of Polaris ATVs in the summer of '85. It was at this time Cove-Side Snowmobile - Sales & Service became Cove-Side Wheel & Ski.

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